Asphalt Maintenance 

There are three types of Asphalt Maintenance – making your high traffic areas and/or weathered parking lots look like the road less traveled.

Here are the differences among the maintenance options we install:


Crack Fill

Whether it’s a single crack in a driveway, or a parking lot that looks like a parched desert floor, we recommend filling those cracks the sooner the better. The biggest enemy to a crack is water. Water can seep below the surface then freeze and expand causing more cracking. Additionally, as vehicles drive over water filled cracks, the hydraulic pressure from the tire can force water deeper into the crack causing it to expand even more. All of this jeopardizes the soil quality below. We offer two solutions for filling cracks:


Cold Crack Fill:

The cold crack fill is the more typical, most cost effective way of filling a crack.  The results blend better with the existing pavement so it is not as noticeable that a crack has been filled. We will usually put a top layer of seal coating to maintain the fill.

Hot Crack Fill:

The hot crack fill is for industrial and heavily trafficked areas. The fill is extremely strong and will get the job done, although the results are not as aesthetic when completed.


Seal Coat